Do you feel trapped or stuck?  Do you find yourself unable to reach your dreams or goals, despite knowing the right steps to take? As a Psychodynamic Coach with experience in creative techniques, I can help you to determine the hidden culprit and to find the right key that will free you. After our sessions you will feel empowered and liberated to live a happier life, characterized by inner calm, a sense of purpose, wholeness and self-awareness.


Emotion-Image Therapy

If you have chronic negative emotions such as: fear, anger, sadness, shame, guilt, resentment, perfectionism, procrastination, envy, jealousy and emotional dependency, I can help you to work through them in a gentle and deep way.

Personal Growth

If you crave personal growth or have existential questions I can help you explore those topics using emotion-image therapy philosophy and techniques. It will enrich your life experience, promote personal progress and psychological maturity.

Beyond Traditional Coaching

Methods in this approach are tailored towards helping you rise above your circumstances and to see your situation from above. It is like if you are currently seeing a view of your town from the first floor, but I will help you see the town from the 20th floor, with all streets, parks, stores and other details. You will get the overview of your situation, which goes beyond familiar ways of thinking. It is like going beyond a three dimensional world, rising above, expanding your horizons, so that you begin seeing possibilities that you could not imagine seeing before.

All my approaches are integrative, individualized and creative. And if you want to make a step in improving your current emotional state or your relationship or if you want to increase your productivity or to explore your inner world or to discover an inner conflict that keeps you stuck I will find a right key that will unlock your full potential
Who do I work with?

I work with mentally healthy clients who are functional in the world, but want more, they want to improve some parts of their life.

My main expertise is in working with chronic negative emotions such as shame, guilt, jealousy, envy, anger, sadness, etc.

I also work with people who experience: loneliness – procrastination – issues with personal boundaries – emotional dependency – difficulty in making decisions – femininity and masculinity – emotional intellect – existential questions – anxiety

I do not work with conditions such as major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, borderline disorder, suicidal ideation, bulimia, schizophrenia, acute grieving, etc.

I also do not give a diagnosis or perform any psychological testing.


Vika was very quick to identify my core issues and get to the root of them. She held a safe and nurturing space for me to process my emotions and connect to my Inner Child in a way that was comforting and gentle. I highly recommend working with her to process chronic negative emotions, especially when talk therapy didn’t help you much. I focused on a few issues during the session that I thought I worked through already, but apparently there was more work to be done. I felt a sense of relief afterwards and have more energy to be myself.


Victoriya shares with her clients deep insight by asking profoundly helpful questions while providing gentle guidance through the process. She clearly connects dots and allows expression in service to discovering underlying messages that would take typical therapy modalities much longer to uncover. Recommended!


Emotion – Image Therapy Sessions

One session: $100

Five sessions: $450

Ten sessions: $800

Beyond Traditional Coaching

One session $150

Let’s together explore, understand and transform your inner state so that you can feel better and be free to express your authentic self with dignity