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What is UDM?

Unconscious Decision Making (UDM) is a novel method that will help you to make optimal life decisions. Clearly, decisions can influence multiple areas of one’s life in profound ways. UDM will help you make decisions that maximize your benefits and minimize your losses, resulting in more joy, better quality of life, and healthy creativity.

I developed UDM by marrying two disciplines: economics and psychology. The former relies on your rational mind, while the latter examines your emotions and the unconscious mind. Using economic terms, my method facilitates a dialogue between your rational agent and your irrational agent. In simper terms, your heart will connect with your mind. As a result, you will understand your situation more clearly and will know what to do.

I designed UDM to address difficult decisions when the stakes are high. – “Should I stay in this relationship or leave?” – “Would I be happier living in a different community or country?” – “Should I keep renting or buy a house?” Inability to make complex decisions, or even simple ones, can lead to chronic stress, tension in the body, and various health problems. The more optimally you decide, the less problems you will have on all fronts: finances, health, relationships, self-realization.

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Common mistakes when making decisions

How do you approach life decisions? Are you able to consider them mindfully, and from a healthy emotional state? Everyday choices write the narrative of your life, making you feel either content or regretful at the end of the day.

When you make your decisions, can you hear your true self? Can you hear that quiet voice, that part of your being, which is unburdened by unprocessed feelings, unresolved trauma, unhealthy habits, generational scripts, and fogged intuition? All of these impede good decision making. Other impediments include outdated beliefs, biases, and learned helplessness.

When making a difficult decision, do you rely more on logic (reflective approach) or on emotion (reflexive approach)? Both approaches are valid, but it is tricky to know which is best for a given situation. I can guide you to discern this, as well as to benefit more fully from each approach. Importantly, I will teach you how to integrate these approaches for complex decision making. An optimal decision may sometimes be perceived as irrational by friends and family. But in the end, it will make you more joyful, more content and at peace with yourself.

Why choose me?

I already helped multiple clients to make decisions that improved their life, brought joy, opened possibilities, and helped them realize their creative potential. Recent success stories include a woman who could not choose the right therapist, an older man who did not know whether to retire, and a young adult who was wondering whether to leave her current job.

I can help you too and do it relatively quickly. With my method, we can achieve results in 5 – 10 sessions. Sometimes, it takes even less. For example, I recently helped a woman in just one session to gain clarity and make a tough decision between husband and lover. My main intervention technique draws from Emotion-Image Therapy, which enables me to quickly establish a dialogue with your unconscious material, to discover and resolve your inner conflict.

In addition to a formal education in economics, I also studied psychology at California Southern University, Psychodrama Training Institute, Colorado Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. For more than ten years, I trained with the Center for Group Studies to become an effective group leader. I am a certified Dream Coach. Other instruments in my toolbox include psychodrama, metaphoric cards, and psychological first aid.

To start making optimal decisions today, text me at 301-454-9478.