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What is UDM?

Unsconscious decision making – is a proven technique that helps make difficult life-changing decisions. For example, you do not know if say “yes” to him or to University; to buy house or invest in business; sell business or take another credit line.

We should approach carefully to such situations because they change the narrative of our life. And at the end make us happy and grateful or sad and regretful.

UDM is formed by economic decision making theory which is the key to rational decision making and by emotional-image therapy which is the key to uncounscious decision making.

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Main mistake when making decision

When making difficult decision we very often take into account only conscious arguments and choose logical approach. But apparently, the best choice for average person (or best rational decision) is not best exactly for you.

Our approach is to intentionally create tension between conscious and unconscious. And serach for those options where there is minimum or no confrontation at all.

We call it optimal decision. It may not be confirmed by your mum or boyfriend and bring some pain in the short run. But at the end you will see and understand that it was the best thing you could do for yourself.

Why choose me?

My method helps the rational agent meet the irrational agent, and then develop an optimal agent, who is capable of adequacy and purity of consciousness.

During my graduate coursework at Temple University, I became interested in Behavioral Economics, which examines how people make decisions.  I found that emotions were a major contributor to the decision-making process, and that got me interested in psychology and related disciplines.  Throughout the years I collected tools that help take the fog away, help understand the underlying motivation and make optimal decisions.  I can help you heal your intuition so that it doesn’t deceive you.  We often hear “I trust my gut”, but your gut can be polluted with cognitive and unconscious biases, motivated reasoning, old traumas, outdated beliefs and strong unprocessed feelings.  I help you to fine-tune your gut, your intuition, so that you live your life to its full potential. I help you to have happier (satisfying) outcomes of our decisions, fewer regrets and better quality of life.