Hear from my clients around the world

AZ from U.S.A.
“Vika was very quick to identify my core issues and get to the root of them. She held a safe and nurturing space for me to process my emotions and connect to my Inner Child in a way that was comforting and gentle. I highly recommend working with her to process chronic negative emotions, especially when talk therapy didn’t help you much. I focused on a few issues during the session that I thought I worked through already, but apparently there was more work to be done. I felt a sense of relief afterwards and have more energy to be myself. “

K. from U.S.A.
“Victoriya shares with her clients deep insight by asking profoundly helpful questions white providing gentle guidance through the process. She clearly connects dots and allows expression in service to discovering underlying messages that would take typical therapy modalities much longer to uncover. Recommended!” 

B. from U.S.A.
“As a drummer coping with changes during COVID-19, Vcoaching sharpened my perspectives and lifted up my spirit tremendously. Not being able to perform live for long periods of time really heightens anxiety and lowers feelings of connection and purpose for me. Vcoaching revived my spirit. Thank you, Victoriya, so much.”

E. from U.S.A.
“Coaching with Vika brought me to a deep reflective and meditative space where I was able to safely work through traumas. After the session I was amazed by the power of how much was able to move after working with Vika just one time. I highly recommend her as a skilled and professional coach.

R. from Israel
“The sessions with Victoriya were in one word: awesome. The speed with which she is able to get right down to the core of the issue is amazing and shows in my opinion that she is very skilled and professional. The sessions were incredibly friendly, non-judgmental and enriching. The techniques used were helpful and the insights that were created are lasting for life. Victoriya was not the first life coach I visited so I have been able to compare, and I can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that she belongs to one of the top coaches out there!

J. from U.S.A.
Coaching sessions with Victoria were very helpful in helping me to see my self from the inside and help me to make the needed decisions that I had been putting off. I will reccomend vcoaching sessions with Vika for everyone.

N. from U.S.A.
I was lucky to have a session with Vika and she helped me trough some blockages, also to confirm my identity. Empowering session and I now feel stronger and more focused. Ready to take the big step in my life.

B. from U.S.A.
Thank you again!!!You have showed me how to use emotional tools that keep me feeling like me!!!”

B. from Israel
Metaphors are great way to express our inner worlds. Victoriya Makrishcheva has a wonderful approach to helping others through her understanding of what our inner worlds wish to tell us. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and benefiting from her experience.”

M. from England
“What an amazing session with Victoriya Makrishcheva.  Such an intuitive time spent with a coach that has a deep understanding of human behaviour and it’s causes. I feel great benefits will come from our session today.  Thank you.”

R. from U.S.A.
“Working with Victoria and Vcoaching (online coaching)using guided meditations, sensory exploration of feelings in the body and giving them a manifestation has given me the chance to work with several issues that I otherwise keep under pretty tight control. This is a tough process and requires a real commitment to the work. I am so pleased that I chose to work with Victoria. She is a caring, intelligent guide for me and I feel we are partners in this work.

N. from Russia
“Виктория, с удовольствием делюсь отзывом о нашей работе с метафорическими ассоциативными картами! Сессия прошла в уютной, безопасной обстановке. Что для меня лично важно, так это то, что Вы задавали вопросы именно наводящие, без навязывания своего видения. Благодаря мягкому, но четкому ведению в сторону решения запроса, мне удалось увидеть свою жизнь в метафоре в тех изображениях, которые мы рассматривали. Удалось наметить определенные шаги в реальности. Благодарю.”