Psychodynamic Coach

My goal is to help you understand yourself and to help you to transform something inside yourself, so that you can feel better and have freedom to express yourself

Your Psychodynamic Coach

About psychodynamic coaching

As a psychodynamic coach, in addition to helping people cope and self-regulate, I help people to alter negative emotional states at a deep level. As a result, people are better able to understand themselves, to express themselves with authenticity and dignity, and to have fulfilling relationships. My approach is gentle, yet capable of reaching the unconscious mind, which enables to more quickly find the true root of the problem and achieve lasting results. Psychodynamic coaching is individualized, holistic and integrative.  

Experiencing difficult emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, envy and jealousy is a normal part of life. However, few people know how to process these emotions and support themselves during challenging times. As a result, people make wrong decisions in life that entail long-term negative consequences.

As a psychodynamic life coach, I help my clients to alter their chronic negative emotional state at the unconscious level. Our unconscious minds “speaks the language” of images and bodily sensations, which are metaphors of our inner world.

During our sessions we explore these images, sensations, and emotions in a safe space using Emotional-Image Techniques (EIT) or Metaphoric Associative Cards (MAC).

Together, we work to determine the underlying causes of internal conflict or suffering. During this transformative process, my clients learn to see hidden obstacles and work through difficult emotions in a gentle way.

Through creative use of imagination, during our session we take action to let go of burdens, to lower tension, to relieve distress, to resolve internal conflict and to transform the emotional state.

As a result, my clients acquire a sense of inner peace, self-confidence, lightness, wholeness and clarity. They start to experience more joy in life and to make healthy decisions.

The sessions with Victoriya were in one word: awesome. The speed with which she is able to get right down to the core of the issue is amazing and shows in my opinion that she is very skilled and professional. The sessions were incredibly friendly, non-judgmental and enriching. The techniques used were helpful and the insights that were created are lasting for life. Victoriya was not the first life coach I visited so I have been able to compare, and I can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that she belongs to one of the top coaches out there!