Personal Growth

If you crave personal growth or have existential questions I can help you explore those topics using Emotion-Image Therapy philosophy and techniques. It will enrich your life experience, promote personal progress and psychological maturity.

Meaning of Life

What prevents you from seeing meaning in life?

What prevents you from accepting the meaning of your life?

Love and power

What is love for you? What is power for you?

Is there excessive control or power in your life?

Under what circumstances does power and control show up in your life?

How do you find a balance between love and power in your life?

Here and now

Our conscious is always “running about” in the outer world or in some abstract thoughts and fantasies. What prevents you from staying in your body? In here and now?

How much life energy is left for you to be in present, in here and now?

Results- oriented vs. process-oriented

What is more important for you, getting results or enjoying the process?

Are you enjoying taking fast actions, reaching quick goals, being determined and precise?  Does it allow you to be flexible, creative, relaxed and emotionally available?

Do you pay attention to detail, constantly altering and improving the processes? Do you have many unfinished projects, do you constantly reflect and unable to make a decision?


Every person has his own idea of happiness. The goal of this exploration is to understand what happiness means to you and what psychological obstacles there are on the way to achieve it.

Life’s mission or purpose

In order to understand the purpose of our life we need to be in contact with our desires and feelings, which is impossible without individuation, a process of developing a separate identity.

“Individuation is to divest the self of false wrappings” Carl Jung.