Beyond Traditional Coaching

All methods in this approach are tailored towards helping you to manifest yourself better, to rise above your circumstances and to see your situation from above.  It is like if you are currently seeing a view of your town from the first floor, but I will help you see the town from the 20th floor, with all streets, parks, stores and other details. You will get the overview of your situation, which goes beyond familiar ways of thinking.  It is like going beyond a three dimensional world, rising above, expanding your horizons, so that you begin seeing possibilities that you could not imagine seeing before.

It will help to uncover the innate resourcefulness that you are unaware of. It will deepen the contact with yourself, others, your project and the world in a logical, emotional, physical, metaphorical and spiritual way.

Six Steps of Consciousness

If it is challenging for you to make a decision, be it a big or small one. This method will help you check the validity of your decision. It will involve both of your brain hemispheres. It will help to check for consistency and alignment of your path towards your mission at logical, emotional, unconscious and spiritual levels. And as a result you will see if the path you choose is your true path. And if your chosen path is true you will construct your path in a clear way that will bring out internal and external resources to bring your purpose to life. And if you will find that your path is a false path, you will clearly see why and what are your next steps.

The Ladder of Success

This method is great to use each time you begin a new project or when you need to update a old project, bring in a new life to it.  Here you will meet with your dreamer, your inner critic and more. After this method you will have a clear understanding of which steps to take.

Meet you full potential

You will identify three new qualities that you want to develop in yourself and you will integrate them during our session. After this method you will uncover your unclaimed resources.