“Working with inner child and inner parent using emotion-image therapy methods”

The first unit of the course “Working with inner child and inner parent using emotion-image therapy methods” is finished!  Four months of deep immersion into such topics as destructive parental messages and its effect on the child; development of nurturing and adequate inner parent, and obstacles on the way to her/him; vanishing twin syndrome, the replacement child syndrome and much more.

Eight hours’ time difference didn’t stop me from attending this course. I grew personally and professionally and now I can see more deeply into the clients’ internal processes.

I can help my clients to accept their inner child, to take responsibility for him/her, to help them allow their inner parent to emerge and get strong, to remove the obstacles that are between their inner child and their inner parent.

During the course I learned how to be more authentically myself (my authentic inner child is freer, and my adaptive/surviving child is relieved of this unbearable task).  I am freer and freer of destructive introject.  I learn more and more on how crucial it is to be honest with myself and how not to subside to my feelings of self-pity or self-indulgence, instead recognize and transform my feelings.  As we heal our inner children, we take responsibility for them and for our lives. And that means that our life is in our own hands. And it is impossible to heal our inner children without developing and supporting our inner parent.

I am looking forward to deepening my understanding of self-sabotaging models in the second unit of the course.  I am grateful to be in this uneasy journey with Ira Rudnitskaya whose professionalism, depth, structure, warmth besides introducing us to invaluable theoretic and practical aspects of the topics, provides an immense therapeutic value.

A glimpse into the course.

Our final lesson was about the replacement children and sufferings some of these children experience.  Such children often choose between two options either become talented or crazy (and there is a fine line between the two).  But what is important, there is also a hope for such children, they can achieve healing through experiencing a psychological rebirth. 

Some famous replacement children Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Rainer Maria Rilke, Ludwig Von Beethoven and many others.

You can read more about famous replacement children here:

Famous Replacement Children

“Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853, a year to the day after the birth of his stillborn brother. The deceased brother and Van Gogh carried the identical full name: Vincent Willem van Gogh.  They even shared the same number, 29, in the parish register.  The family lived in the rectory of the parish and so Vincent passed his brother’s grave – same name, same birth date (except for the year) – daily on his way to school.

Salvador Dali’s elder brother, Salvador Galo Dali, died when he was nearly 22 months old.  Dali, the famous painter, was born exactly 9 months and 10 days later.  Dali felt the anguish of his parents’ loss of his brother, their firstborn son, very deeply. His parents chose to view their second son as a reincarnation of his deceased brother.  Dali’s dead brother was his “ghostly double“ and, as such, created a tremendous conflict and stress for the painter. Salvador Dali essentially lived the life of two people, his own and that of his deceased brother.”

You can read more about famous replacement children here:

Famous Replacement Children

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