Does your life belongs to the past, present and future?

Imagine there are three chairs in front of you:

In the first chair, visualize your past.

In the third there is the image of your future.

In the second chair (between the first and third chairs),  there is your present.
Take a closer look at these images.

What do you see?  

How does your past look like?

How does your future look like?

And what about your present?

How many percent of your life belongs to the past, present and future?

Are you satisfied with the distribution of your vital energy between the past, present and future?  

Do you want to be in the present moment, to meet life’s challenges with dignity, experience warmth, joy and interest in your current relationships?  

Do you prefer to escape the present for the fantasy about the future?  

Are you holding on to something in the past that doesn’t exist anymore?

If you are escaping into fantasy or illusions of the future, you cannot see reality and take needed steps in the present.

If you need help figuring out what holds you back, how to bring inner resources, which are seeping out of you into the present, dm me to set up a session and I will help you.

Victoriya Makrishcheva

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