“Monkey trap”

Caught in a monkey trap? Sometimes we are held back by an idea or belief we are not willing to let go. It keeps us stuck.

“It’s simple. Drill a hole in a box or coconut and put a banana inside. A monkey will grab the banana and not let go. Just walk up on him with a net and catch yourself a monkey. The monkey trap works on us all…”

It is very easy to be freed, just let go, relax the fist, relax the grip.

“Oddly enough, there is no actual physical barrier preventing a monkey from escaping the trap – they could just let go of the food and they would be free. There is, however, an incredible mental barrier. Due to the scarcity of food at times, monkeys have it ingrained in them from birth that when they see food, they must hold on tight. This principle which has served them so well in the past creates in the mind of the monkey an inability to re-evaluate the rice in the context of their new found circumstances, costing them their freedom.” -Donald Grandy

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