School dropout

It would be impossible for me to go back to school, catching up if it was not for our move to the United States and help from my parents. My dad was working, my mom was my algebra tutor, doing administrative and household tasks.

I came to the United States with zero English, I cried in the school restroom, came home and studied algebra at night. I was lucky for my homeroom teacher at Lenape High School, Vicki Robertson. I still do not understand how, but she believed that I was capable of studying, she helped me with English and history. She fought to transfer me from Algebra 1 to Algebra 2 as I progressed fast through the levels. And one day, she brought a college application to me! I didn’t want to disappoint her and I studied, studied and studied.

I didn’t get to university on the first try, but transferred after spending a year in a community college. At the community college I was also lucky because I had an amazing Calculus I and II teacher. She nominated me to the dean’s list.

Many of my classmates from Ukraine would never believe that I not only graduated from high school, but was able to earn a university degree.

Sometimes I feel like reincarnation is possible in one’s lifetime.

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