Joy, creativity and life philosophy

Yesterday I was asked to give advice on three ways that people could support themselves during the challenging time we are going through right now.

This is what I recommended:

First, when you wake up in the morning, ask yourself: What can I DO today that will give me JOY?

Second, what can I CREATE today that will bring me JOY?

Third, write down your LIFE’S PHILOSOPHY and adjust it if it is outdated. Answer a few questions: How do you feel about other people? How about yourself? And about the world? And about life? How do you feel about stressful situations? How do you deal with stress? Do you isolate yourself? Do you overdramatize? Write your own life’s philosophy. And when you have your value systems and life philosophy updated, it will be a foundation, which will support you during shaky times.

If you want support on the journey of self-reflection and adjustments, I will be happy to hold the flashlight for you.

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