What is perfectionism for you?

According to a few articles perfectionism is heading toward an epidemic and public health issue.

“As many as two in five kids and adolescents are perfectionists,” says Katie Rasmussen, who researches child development and perfectionism at West Virginia University.

There are studies that suggest that the higher the perfectionism is, the more psychological disorders you’re going to suffer, says Sarah Egan, a senior research fellow at the Curtin University in Perth who specializes in perfectionism, eating disorders and anxiety. Eating disorders, which often are driven by perfectionism, are on the rise across the globe.

Data on 40,000 college students in the UK, U.S., and Canada from 1989 to 2016 shows that perfectionism is on the rise, and may be to blame for increasing rates of anxiety and depression among young people.

Perfectionism is increasingly considered to be a risk factor for suicide.

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