Personal boundaries and metaphor of a cell

The cell membrane separates the interior of the cell from the outside environment. It senses its surroundings, gets nutrients from the outside environment and exerts waste from the inside. It protects and nourishes the nucleus. It keeps it whole and safe.

Tatyana Ivljushkina psychotherapist, emotion-image therapy teacher and practitioner covered the topic of personal boundaries in great detail and from many angles in her 2021 emotion-image therapy conference master class. I found a cell metaphor to be very helpful.

We have many types of boundaries: physical, sexual, social, emotional, spiritual, financial, time and role boundaries. Without boundaries wholeness is impossible. With rigid boundaries development is impossible.

Interestingly healthy boundaries develop when we are able to say what we do not like and do not want instead of when we say what we want or like. Learning to say “no” in a socially acceptable form is crucial in developing healthy boundaries.

How do you know that your boundaries were crossed? How does your body react to it?

How do you restore your boundaries?

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