Hyman Spotnitz’s modern psychoanalysis

Just came across @anastasya_komarova Instagram post about why she likes Hyman Spotnitz’s modern psychoanalysis and how Harold Stern brought it to St. Petersburg Psychiatric Hospital No. 1 (named after P. P. Kashchenko) in 1991. The post reminded me of how I began studying modern psychoanalysis in 2010 in NYC. And then, when we lived in France in 2011, I continued studying it by attending two weekend trainings in St. Petersburg. And this year I finished my two last weekends online. And I want to brag about how my husband and I translated three articles from English to Russian for the Interregional Center for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (mcsp35.ru), Yan Fedorov.

Spotnitz is not easy to understand and it was challenging to translate, but I think we did a phenomenal job! As translators we complement each other. Roma was responsible for the beautiful language and I for the meaning and the essence.

Articles we translated:

McGowan K. (2014) The Second Coming of Sigmund Freud

Steichen, J. (1996) The Modern group psychoanalytic use of countertransference as a tool for enhancing empathy and growth

Spotnitz H. (1969) Resistance phenomena in group therapy (overview)

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