My clients

I am at the point where I want to learn how to write case studies, which would illustrate how my clients overcame their problems and achieved their goals after working with me. At this point I struggle with it because I feel overprotective of my clients and even if they gave me permission to share their stories I feel that twisting things around to protect their identity will not be enough of protection. But I crave the ability and skill to share stories of my clients, which will be inspiring to others.

I wonder how other people feel about it?

For now I just want to share that my clients take responsibility for the frequency of our sessions. I count on their judgment of what is optimal for them. I have clients who see me once a month, and clients who work with me bi-weekly, and clients who come once a week or who come on as needed basis. Of course I share my opinion about how much time each situation might require, but it is up to the client to make that decision.

I respect all my clients and each session is growth for both of us and that is why I love my work so much.

My clients are curious about themselves, they are open-minded, many are experienced in self-development and they are eager to discover hidden parts of themselves and to resolve chronic emotional issues.

They are people who authentically want to expand their inner capacity to self-actualize, to love, to heal and to create. They are ready to work, to find time and to invest emotional labor to self-growth. They are not about pseudo growth or pseudo spirituality. They are with me for real change. This real change doesn’t have to come from experiencing the drama or suffering, it can happen in a safe and creative way, in a supportive environment, and improve quality of life in all areas of life.

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