Psychological molting

“Many animals undergo molting as a means of shedding their outer layer—feathers, hair, skin, or exoskeleton so they can grow bigger or prepare for their next life stage. “It’s a critical event in the life cycle of an organism,” says Donald Mykles, a biologist at Colorado State University.” 

How do people undergo inner, psychological or spiritual molting? Shedding limiting beliefs and values to make space for new more effective and liberating beliefs?  Do you think that psychological molting is also a critical and necessary event in a human’s life cycle?

For some molting occurs gradually, like for some birds when worn feathers are replaced with fresh plumage.  For some, it can be a stressful period, like it is for crayfish or geckos.

Just like some animals feel vulnerable during the molting period, people can experience anxiety during the new emotional adaptation and this is a period to get support.

If you are going through internal molting and feel vulnerable or uncertain remember you do not have to do it alone.  I will be honored to support you during this process.

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