Lost or stolen heart

Just watched Moana for the first time and got inspired to write some thoughts.

It is shown that the heart of Te Fiti (goddess/mother island) was stolen by Maui (man/son) who got tired of not being enough for mortals.  

We have this misconception about love that we need to give our hearts away to be accepted and loved.  Maui was rejected by his parents and he thought by pleasing mortals (his parents) he will get their love and acceptance.   He went so far as to steal the heart of mother island (goddess) just to please mortals, and as a result he lost his magic powers, Te Fiti’s heart and got banished to the island.

How often do our hearts get stolen and how often do we give our hearts away on our own?

Sometimes we give it away because it is painful to feel and we choose to give up our heart.

Sometimes we give it away because we are afraid we will not be loved in return and will be rejected. 

And what happens when the heart is stolen or given away?

Te Fiti turns into Te Kā.  Someone who is meant to spread life and beauty turns into someone who is a heartless and destructive monster.

What to do when someone is asking you to give them your heart? You run away from those people.  All we need is to let our heart shine with our light and warmth.  This is enough for people near us to receive and feel our love.

What to do when the heart is lost or stolen?

It can be very challenging to get it back. And the biggest challenge at this point is us.  Just like Te Kā, we stop believing in our own tenderness and light. We sabotage all the attempts of getting our heart back.  This is a time to find external help, like Moana in this story, through various challenges she was able to see gentleness through Te Kā’s destruction.  And after being truly seen Te Kā surrendered and accepted her heart.

I was surprised to relate so much to Moana in a sense that what I do during my session is helping people get their lost parts. And very often, it is finding a heart and then finding a way to return their hearts to them.

The main tool I use in my work is EIT (Emotion-Image Therapy) where emotions and feelings are expressed through images, then those images are carefully analyzed, and an appropriate tool is used to transform the emotional state.  EIT works in a very much the same way how Moana helped Te Kā get her heart back and transformed to who she really meant to be Te Fiti.

You can read more about EIT in here: https://vikacoaching.com/emotional-image-therapy/

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