Why do physical, emotional and spiritual routines alone do not get us where we want?  

Why are emotional or spiritual routines important?  Because they increase our vitality, life energy and give us clarity.  When we are full of healthy energy we are able to work on our life projects.

Think of solar lights. They will not be able to produce light without getting energy from the sun.  They would not be able to fulfill their life’s mission (light up our path) without first absorbing the sun’s energy.
Without exercise, sleep and healthy eating our body cannot function optimally.

Without emotional and spiritual routines our vitality is low and we cannot fulfill your life’s mission.
When we are full of energy, we are calm, have clarity of mind and able to take needed action that will bring our life projects to life.

But why do physical, emotional and spiritual routines alone sometimes do not get us where we want?  

Because somewhere inside of us there is a hole where the energy is slipping away.  The energy slips away because there are unaddressed chronic negative emotions, until this emotion is transformed, until inner conflict is not resolved there will be drainage of energy even when you have healthy routines.

Published by vikacoaching

Hi, I’m Vika. While I studied economics in graduate school, I became interested in Behavioral Economics, which examines how people make decisions. I found that emotions were a big component of the decision-making process, which led me to study psychology and related disciplines. I have 15+ years of training in a vast array of personal growth areas before becoming an emotion-image practitioner, MAC specialist, psychodynamic coach and a Certified Dream Coach®. If you have any questions about scheduling a consultation email to vika.vcoaching@gmail.com .

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