How is it possible to live in the present, in the here and now?

Often suffering is associated with the past or the future. The past is often associated with regrets about mistakes we made or with great things we used to have.  And the future is associated with anxieties and hopes.  Anxiety about the future and that it will bring only negative things.  And hopes, fantasies, magical thinking that something will just happen miraculously, on its own, without any efforts from us. Most people live between these regrets and anxieties. They do not know how to be in here and now.

And what does it mean to be in here and now?
It is when a person is collected, active and in charge of their actions.  It is when you think about the future, but you are acting in the here and now. You are proactive, you are making steps to improve your life, to solve your problems.  

It is like when you are driving a car, you know the direction you are going, and you are making right turns to get where you want to be.  If you are not in the here and now, you will miss your turn or you will crash.

Many of us cannot be in the present because we got stuck in the past, we are drained because our energy is constantly wasted on supporting the past.  It is important to go to that past and to unhook your internal resources, to bring them to the present.

There are various ways to stop living in the past. To be in the present, in the here and now, you need to be relaxed and calm. You need to stop giving your energy to the past. Only in the present can a person be happy, take steps to self-actualize and to build the future. 

I will be happy to help you get unstuck and be in the present. Sometimes it only  takes one or two sessions to free yourself from the dragging past.

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