How do you find that missing puzzle you are looking for?

How do you find an insight about a problem? How do you find it on your own?
Without the help of a guide, a consultant or a coach? How do you find that missing puzzle you are looking for? 

Through Journaling? Meditating? Conscious dancing? Listening to music? Being in nature? Traveling? Through literature or poetry?

I would like to share one method with you that will help you autonomously find the missing puzzle.  Many of you know about journaling and putting all the thoughts and feelings onto the paper. This method has an extra step to it.

Here it goes.. 
1. Take a piece of paper. 
2. On top of the paper write the name of the problem you have and want to find a solution to.  It has to be just one problem or an issue. In one short sentence. Highlight it.
3. Below start writing everything you have in your mind about the problem.  It can take 2 to 3 pieces of paper.
4. When you feel that you have had enough of writing, you take a red marker and read over what you had written. Circle all the places, words and sentences that bring out any emotions or body sensations in you. 
5. After you are done circling, go over the places that you circled in red and you will get the insight, the missing puzzle piece. You will see things that you did not notice before, you will get an aha moment and suddenly see the solution to your problem. 

I hope you like this method and let me know what you think about it.

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