Who do I work with?

Many people go to deep coaches or guides because the guide is helping them to see the inner conflict, the value of themselves and their inner world. And the guide is helping to establish contact with a part of self that is unseen or unowned. When the contact is established the client can easily find a solution to the problem they have. 

I work with mentally healthy clients who are functional in the world, but they want more, they want to improve some parts of their life.

My main expertise is in working with chronic negative emotions such as shame, guilt, jealousy, envy, anger, sadness, etc.

I also work with people who experience:loneliness – procrastination – issues with personal boundaries – emotional dependency – difficulty in making decisions – femininity and masculinity – emotional intellect – existential questions – anxiety 

I do not work with conditions such as major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, borderline disorder, suicidal ideation, bulimia, schizophrenia, acute grieving, etc. 

I also do not give a diagnosis or perform any psychological testing.

Write to me if you want to make a step in improving your current emotional state or your relationship or if you want to increase your productivity or to explore your inner world or discover an inner conflict that keeps you stuck.

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