Introducing Myself

My name is Victoriya (Vika) Makrishcheva. I was born in the Soviet Union and witnessed its collapse in 1991. The collapse produced massive socio-economic disparities, impoverishing millions of families, including mine. To survive, I dropped out of high-school and sold home-made slippers in a street market. This difficult experience sparked my interest in economics. Hence, after immigrating to the United States, I studied economics. During my graduate coursework, I became interested in Behavioral Economics, which examines how people make decisions. I found that emotions were a major contributor to the decision-making process, which got me interested in psychology and related disciplines. Then, I took various courses in psychology and  received special training in group studies, modern psychoanalysis, psychodrama, and various types of coaching. These approaches became my toolkit of techniques for coaching. My two favorite approaches are (1) emotion-image techniques (EIT) developed by Nikolay Linde of Moscow State University, and (2) metaphoric-associative cards (MAC). 

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